Who's Coming

Texas Fall Championships

Division Planned Location(s)* Division Planned Location(s)*
7u Wagon Wheel 13u D1 Breckinridge
8u Bakersfield 13u D2 Rail Road | Oak Grove
9u D2/D3 Oak Grove 13u D3 Wagon Wheel
10u D2/D3 Bakersfield 14u D1 Breckinridge | Rail Road
11u D2 Oak Grove 14u D2 Bakersfield | Rail Road
11u D3 Oak Grove | Bakersfield 15u/16u Oak Grove
12u D2 Wagon Wheel | Bakersfield    
12u D3 Wagon Wheel | Bakersfield    

*Subject to Change - Additional Facilities May Be Added / Changed as Necessary

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Some divisions (i.e. D1, D2, D3) within an age group may be combined based on the total team numbers in the age group (i.e. D1 with D2, D2 with D3 or a full combo age group)